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The Key
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Peyronie's disease (PD) is a connective tissue disorder that causes a man's erect penis to bend to such a degree that sex becomes painful or impossible. It can harm lives and destroy relationships. Diagnosis can be difficult as the disease is not well understood. Consequently, patients are often misdiagnosed (eg, with erectile dysfunction [ED]) and the time to diagnosis and treatment can be long.

To determine a path forward, we spoke extensively with both HCPs and patients. We identified how patients with PD enter the care of urologists. Urologists estimate that 60% of their patients with PD come to them by referral from another physician. The remaining 40% of patients self-refer directly to a urologist's care. We also found PD is discovered during a visit for some other reason, the most common of which was ED. This suggests that it may be helpful to have HCPs question patients with ED about possible curvature of the penis.

We realized it was necessary to provide HCPs with information and resources to help them confidently diagnosis and educate their patients with PD about their condition. Sparking conversations between HCPs and potential patients was critical—59% of urologists said that their patients with PD found it difficult or extremely difficult to talk about their condition with a urologist. That led us to our strategic idea: CURVE THE CONVERSATION.


Our campaign provided HCPs with a memorable iconic visual depicting a moment in time to illustrate the impact a man's curved erection can have on his life and relationships. We worked with a pre- and post-production company to seamlessly blend media to create a memorable image. We started with a CGI key that we aged appropriately using photo retouching. Every detail was meticulously fine-tuned from the man's hand/arm that was photographed, as well as parts of the car, to the reflection of the couple, street, and background elements.


The "Key" campaign worked! It successfully elevated XIAFLEX as a treatment option for PD and sales increased 24% in 2018. 86% of surveyed physicians indicated an intent to use XIAFLEX on appropriate adult patients.


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