Erbitux-split-cell Hero Image


Split Cell.


With the wealth of new treatments on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is going to help a person living with cancer the most. But it’s a critical decision for that person’s future, and not only because of the short-term progress a treatment may provide.

The hope of someone who has cancer is often sustained by the tangible results a doctor can provide.


The moment a therapy starts shrinking tumors, and the results are revealed to the doctor and to the patient, they see two very different things. The doctor sees the implications in managing the disease and a validation of their treatment choice. The patient sees an opportunity to experience more moments in life that might not be possible otherwise.

We wanted to bring the center of these two worlds together—the shrinking cancer cell, and the everyday moment of the person living with cancer—to help oncologists connect to the real difference their treatment choices can make, especially when that choice is a well-known, long-studied treatment like ERBITUX.


We created an environment that joined a microscopic CGI world inside a person’s tumor to scenes in that person’s big, busy life. The result is a singular, connected moment that makes a long-standing therapy backed by well-known science feel more meaningful and emotional for today.

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