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GOCOVRI is the first and only treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who experience dyskinesia. Dyskinesias are sudden, uncontrolled, jerky movements caused by PD progression and long-term use of levodopa—the gold standard of PD treatment. GOCOVRI is a groundbreaking therapy and one of the first novel interventions the category had received in a long time. However, being void of dyskinesia treatment options for so long, physicians and patients lacked urgency and also didn’t understand dyskinesia's true impact on daily life.


We created a campaign that highlighted the emotional reality of dyskinesia. Illustrating different aspects of a person's day in slow motion, we showed how uncontrolled movements translate to spills, drops, and interruptions that can lead to physical and emotional stress.


The final creative for the campaign was shot in NYC with Travis Rathbone Studio and used a high-speed tracking robotic arm to capture each individual frame of the various spills. The slow-motion footage created a unique visual effect that amplified the drama these innocuous spills actually represented.

These spills were seen as impactful and alarming. For many they served as a reminder that the progression of PD brings about new, more frustrating challenges that are in desperate need of better solutions like GOCOVRI.

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